How to choose a career?

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Hii Friends,

This is Minaz Shaikh ..I am a 16 year old teen from Maharashtra who was manufactured in this world on 14  March 2001 . I have completed my 10 standard and I think that these holidays after boards leave parents and children thinking  what career to choose next .

Friends, I feel you should choose such a career in which you do not get drained off but feel like you are enjoying it .

The most common thing which have been noticed in almost all the parents is that they pressure the child to take science .. I mean why only SCIENCE?? There are other fields too!!

Commonly observed in all parents: ‘ You take science in 11 and12 and then you can change your stream ‘

According to me , if you want to go in other field , why do you want to take science ? And if you do so as stated above , you are just making it more difficult for yourself .

Let me give you an example :

If you take science in 11 and 12 and then you change your stream to commerce after 12 then , I’m sure you are no longer on a right path.

Because , the first year commerce is based on 11 and 12 std commerce and if you don’t know basics of commerce field , you are just putting your hand in tiger’s mouth.

If your parents still insist you to go in the steam they desire, try to explain them that  you don’t have potential to do in that particular field because you don’t have  interest.

Dear readers,

Successful career is because of right choices not because of the desire of others.

Many failures may come and much opposition may appear before us, stick to your word and do what your heart says.

It depends on your talent . Hunt your talent. Choose the career you want and excel high.

I hope this was quite helpful.


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Very well said Minaz .. All the best for your success.. This post was quite helpful.


Yes very helpful indeed


Good work…Keep it up


Your post are very effective
Keep it up Minaz.