Minaz@ Follow Your Dreams!!

Dreams. They are everywhere. They are more than pictures in your head. They are like goals that last forever as long as you believe in them, and follow until they are real. I believe that we should follow these dreams because without them there is no reason in your life, they help you on your path to success, and it is a place where you can let your mind roam free.
If we let go of our dreams and loose our path there is no meaning or reason in our lives. We need them to survive and cope with the many problems we have today. But, if we let them go or if we lose them there is nowhere for us to go. We lose hope in things that are important to us and other people we love and hold close. That is one reason why we should dream and follow our dreams so we have something to fight for and give ourselves a reason to live.
We need to follow our dreams because they can lead us on our path to success. No matter how we need to succeed in life our dreams can get us there. They want to lead us where we need to do is follow them. Have it be college, a job interview, or the person that is meant for you. They will help you succeed in any way that you want them to. You just need to believe and follow your dreams.
Like when you sleep and see pictures in your head, we need to dream to let our mind be free and let our imagination soar. It will let us find a place that makes us feel happy and free. Away from all the troubles and sorrows that are out there to a place that is wonderful and amazing. To a place where we don’t have to worry about anything, or be afraid of what is out there. We need to be able to live a happy life and letting your mind be free is the best way of getting there. It is what seeds and grows our dreams to something worth following. So let your mind soar to heights higher than you can imagine.
In conclusion, our dreams are not to be taken for granted. Dreams will lead us in the future. They are what give us life, they help us succeed in life, and they let our minds roam and soar higher in the human imagination. Dreams are our guide all we need to do is follow. Follow our dreams into the unknown. All of these things are how following your dreams has helped me, so take these things and apply them to your life and follow your dreams.


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