Minaz@ Chase Your Anger!!

Hii Readers , 

Today’s topic is really interesting which also has adverse effects on almost everyone’s life.

“ANGER”-Your enemy , your destroyer…

“ANGER doesn’t solve anything.It builds nothing but it can destroy everything.” – Lawrence Douglas Wilder.

In my life ” ANGER” has played a lot negative role like a “VILLAIN” in a movie .. Trust me , it just destroys you. No success only harm. Getting angry on small things was my daily habit but then I realised that it is going on destroying me …

“TOLERANCE” is something which you should inculcate in yourself . I implied it in my life , and yes , though the effects were slow it did help me .. Being a teenager, ANGER is just a form of showing FORCED POWER on others what I believe. 

“Kill Your ANGER Or Else Be Ready To Get Destroyed.”

Anger is like “ACID” , poisonous, harmful, destructive which BURNS your LIFE. It’s better to be tolerant and ignorant at some situations rather than to show your ANGER unnecessarily.. 

What I’ve learnt is , Anger is a poison , which reacts slowly and then finally destroys you , KILLS you.

Be positive , tolerant , calm at your work and don’t let ANGER mind it’s business in your life . 

I hope this blog will be effective on those young youths burning with anger. ” CHASE YOUR ANGER, DONT LET IT CHASE YOU.”